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Illness and fitness

I’ve been ill. Not seriously just a virus that made me feel rather crap, but it was for about 2 and bit weeks.
Before I was feeling pretty fit, had list s bit if weight and was riding well and the old cycling mojo was high.

This week I managed a quick 11 miles on the road bike as the weather was ok and I was working at home. There is a part of me that wished I hadn’t as I felt like I had taken 10 steps back fitness-wise. In just a couple of weeks!

I know it’ll come back quickly but mentally it’s a bit of a blow. The weather is now cold and the mojo gone (probably to some warm weather training camp) so just getting out is proving difficult. I also feel much heavier but as I don’t really weigh myself that’s hard to quantify.

Being an optimist I’ve decided it’s not a bad thing as it means I know I have to get out more in the next month to get ready for my first event of the year. Work is now over for Easter so there are no excuses.

I just hope I can get the mojo back from Mallorca.

D Day is here…

or is that M-day ?

The last day of Februrary sees the opening of entries for Mayhem an,d as usual, I feel nervous and excited.

This year Pete and I plan to drive to Pat’s house to drop off our entry. We’ve both thought about going the past 2 years or so and as it’s a Thursday and I’ve got conference calls all day tomorrow, it seems possible. It means getting to bed around 3am but then if we wanted an easy life we wouldn’t be entering in the first place would we ?

We won’t be first there as we need to get the forms printed off (at another team members house at midnight) so there will be a 30 min drive to Pat’s. Next year we’ll have to sort out a portable printer and do it at the top of the lane via 3G.

Hello world!

Welcome to Ramblings.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while, mainly to record things for myself, thoughts, trips, events, stuff in general so I have a record. So here we are. I bit the bullet, got a domain and uploaded wordpress to an account I have with a hosting provider.

I’ll be blogging about all things except work, things that interest and excite me. At present this will include bikes (anything on 2 wheels), baking, gadgets, trips and my general thoughts on anything I ¬†fancy.

Currently it’s for myself and let’s see how we get on…