Sunday’s Road ride

Whenever Pete can’t ride I’m left with a dilemma as to what and where to ride and this Sunday it was laziness and Wiggo that prompted the choice of a road ride.

The Yeti still has mud tyres on it from Mayhem, the Van Nic wasn’t cleaned after a midweek  evening ride so with the Tour in full flow, the road bike was the only choice at 7am on sunday morning.

I need to fit in some longer, lower  effort rides as most of the time I ride at race pace so this proved a decent opportunity to keep the HR low and enjoy a solo ride on a quiet Sunday morning. I tried to keep my HR in the 140’s and to start with the proved not to difficult, but as I’ve found over the past 18mnths or so I seem to take nearly an hour to get warmed up so the latter half of the ride was at a slightly higher pace.

With no plan as to where to go I stopped a couple of times to work out a route on my phone to try and get back home at a reasonable time. It would have been nice to have been out a bit longer … maybe next week,

I’ve been uploading my rides to Strava recently rather than Sporttracks as I can access the rides anywhere and upload as I’m riding if the Garmin runs out of juice. The ride log shows I averaged 17mph which is better than I was expecting as I took it quite easy.

Later on during Sunday I got a headache and felt very tired = not enough fluids and I need to ride more.


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