Riding after illness

The title says it all – I’ve been ill and am just starting to ride again.

I thought I had a spot of flu but it went on for about a month. A phone call to the docs highlighted glandular fever as a possibility but either way I’m starting to get over it.

First ride back was on the singlespeed and I thought I would die. No stamina, high HR, lack of energy and sore legs made it a bit of a miserable ride. Most unusual as I usually enjoy every ride no matter how bad I feel.

Roll on another week and while I didn’t feel right I was a lot better and this was backed up by how well I rode. I didn’t get off to walk on the hills, I didn’t get dropped and while it hurt (it always hurts) I recovered well enough in between efforts to enjoy myself.

Most importantly I want to ride again and now the clocks have gone forward I can get a sneaky ride it after work.

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