AQ Audio Smart Speaker

The plan was to limit the content of this blog  to cycling but I just can’t resist posting about my latest gadget – an AQ Audio Smart Speaker.

For a long time I resisted Apple devices but if you want innovative, well designed stuff that just works it’s hard to buy anything else. I’ve been looking at remote airplay speakers for a while and non of them really did what I wanted. Then I saw the AQ Audio Smart Speaker and it ticked all my boxes.

I wanted a speaker to be able to move around the house, to live in either the kitchen, or Smart SPeakerdining room so I can stream audio to it. Wireless is a bonus, airplay a must so I can use the iPad/iPhone to control it. It helps that it looks great and early reviews indicated it sounded better than it’s size might indicate.

I ordered a single unit a few weeks ago when they started taking orders, shipping was due last week and it arrived yesterday having just been flown in. AQ Audio are new to the market and this is their only product so I guess you can expect some teething problems.

First impressions were good – the box had a quality feel to it, the setup instructions were on a quality printed folded sheet. The speaker itself was nicely wrapped in tissue and was larger than I was expecting. The finish says quality as well – a rubberised rear panel and it has a nice weight to it.

Setup can be done in one of 3 ways (well it could if the AQ Connect app was available but it’s not yet) so I used the simple plug it into the iPhone one. The instructions are very clear and go like this – plug it into the iPhone, press both volume buttons, click yes on iPhone to share WiFi settings. That’s it – done.

I tested it by playing ‘Born to Run’ at a wife friendly volume level and it sounded great. I streamed some iPlayer content which worked without a fault and ended up with a Spotify playlist again without fault.

I’m no audiophile but it’s got a great depth and quality to the sound. It’s not cheap but then it’s a high quality wireless remote speaker with 10 hour playtime and works with airplay. I might need to buy another so we can run them in stereo – heck I might try and justify buying a twin pack so I can have them around the house.

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