Yeti ASR ’09

My Full Suspension machine is the realisation of my youthful dreams. Sounds a bit sickly but I really wanted a Yeti when I started racing in the early 90’s. When I decided on a new bike in my late thirties with money in the bank I was never really going to get anything else.

My ASR-AL, in Yeti turquoise, was bought in April 2009 from John Atkins Cycles in Leamington Spa. They sorted out a test ride on a local trail with the Yeti importers and I bought it the same day. I decided on the Yeti Enduro build kit as I was given a very good deal on it and it’s lasted very well in the nearly 5 years I’ve ridden it. It’s done 4 Mayhems, several trips to Wales and the Peaks plus many local rides and been a joy to be on pretty much every single time.


Photo’s and build specification

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