Sanderson Soloist

I loved riding the Genesis so much that when a Soloist came up on eBay and didn’t sell twice despite 2 reductions I bit whilst bored and slightly drunk.

Soloist pre-tweaking

Pre- tweaked soloist

When it arrived it had narrowish bars, longish stem, road friendly tyres and a 32×18 gear. Being a medium sized frame and after a couple of decent rides I concluded that it felt too stretched out, didn’t give enough leverage and was geared too low for my normal routes.

I bought a few bars of varying width, stems of varying lengths together with 17 and 16 tooth  cogs and a few cheap chains – all cheap and on sale and now have it set up really well with a 32 x17 gear and a position I can ride for a long time and feel comfortable.

Add image of post tweaked soloist with new bars and stem

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