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Illness and fitness

I’ve been ill. Not seriously just a virus that made me feel rather crap, but it was for about 2 and bit weeks.
Before I was feeling pretty fit, had list s bit if weight and was riding well and the old cycling mojo was high.

This week I managed a quick 11 miles on the road bike as the weather was ok and I was working at home. There is a part of me that wished I hadn’t as I felt like I had taken 10 steps back fitness-wise. In just a couple of weeks!

I know it’ll come back quickly but mentally it’s a bit of a blow. The weather is now cold and the mojo gone (probably to some warm weather training camp) so just getting out is proving difficult. I also feel much heavier but as I don’t really weigh myself that’s hard to quantify.

Being an optimist I’ve decided it’s not a bad thing as it means I know I have to get out more in the next month to get ready for my first event of the year. Work is now over for Easter so there are no excuses.

I just hope I can get the mojo back from Mallorca.