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Van Nicholas Tuareg 2010 Custom Build Review – Part 1

The n+1 formula is well known by cyclists, and is often quoted and used when attempting to calculate the correct number of bikes to own.

Around 2 years ago I applied the formula myself when, after around a year of contemplating, on-one¬†got a batch of Ti Frames from Van Nicholas. I’ve always fancied a Ti hardtail since the days when I bought my Team Marin (there was a Ti version of the frame which was out of my price bracket at the time and ever since I’ve been drawn to reviews and forum posts about them) but their cost has always made me think twice.

Two frames were on sale (46% off) the long travel Mamtor and the XC Tuareg. After a few days deliberating I decided on the Tuareg but it wasn’t an easy choice as the Yeti is a XC full sus bike. Adding in a seatpost and seat collar, the order was placed.

Delivery of the frame was faultless, emails, tracking numbers, date and time slot – the way it should be if you do business on the internet.

The frame was well wrapped and the post and collar had been attached to the frame so it all arrived in one piece.

A quick unpack, inspection and a few photos and it was re-packed and put into the roof of the garage.

Then followed a long process, over the next 5 months of researching and specifying the build…coming in part 2.