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Allez Wiggo

What an incredible 3 weeks we’ve just witnessed.

Brad might have been marked as the favourite for GC but did anyone really believe that he would win, and by such a margin, and from another Sky rider, and that Brits would win 1 in 3 of the stages …

It’s been reported on in detail in the press but I think what has appealed most is Brad’s lack of media training, his outburst and swearing came across as an athlete with passion.

I spent all my days during the last 3 weeks avoiding all media so I could follow the live coverage recorded from ITV4 and then my evening staying up late watching it unfold. Decent cycling coverage has been sadly lacking the past decade or so and so the benefits of digital are helping with mainstream coverage. I spent 3 hours on Sunday glued to the TV with Wife and Daughter – watching history unfold – all of us gripped to a niche sport on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Amazing,

So hats off to: (in order of importance)

  1. the SKY Riders – They have to do the incredible job of riding the miles and being professional when the media tried to show cracks in the team
  2. Dave Brailsford – for having the dream and making it happen
  3. ITV – for showing so much live coverage

you can’t forget the other teams/riders/support crew ┬ábut without the 2 above it woul dhave been just another Tour. They have changed British Cycling, indeed British sport.

Brilliant Gripping and hopefully for a lot of youngsters, life changing.

The Tour

What a year of sport we’ve got and one of the highlights has to be this years Tour de France.
It’s always exciting and with Wiggins and Cav both now at Sky who have some experience of tours there is real british interest and hope of a GC win.

The prologue timetrial started today and as with most of the tour I’ll have to record it, avoid all media and watch it late at night.

Cracking ride by Wiggo, clearly in good form but a long way to go. Roll on the first stage.